Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Conditioners, yay!

So I had a free session with a personal trainer on Monday and I got my ass kicked. And it was only 20 minutes LOL. I am so fat on the inside, yall and I am super sore. He had me run a half mile, do a crap-load of combination squat/medicine ball exercises, more running, push-ups, and sit-ups. I would go to him on a weekly basis, but he cost too much damn money. It's like $70 a session for an individual, and then like $40 for a group of four. Even if I were to join a group that's still $240 if I go to him once a week for 6 weeks, or $480 if I go to him twice a week for 6 weeks. I am a broke college student, so neither of those are happening. I wish my mom would hurry up and get our YMCA membership back, then I would just take classes there. The bf was at the barbershop and there is a trainer there who is a regular customer. He said he was charging $140 for 4 sessions and that is SOOOOO much more reasonable. If I decided to call this guy, that would be reasonable for me to see him once a week (while doing other exercises at home) for a month or two until I could get the hang of this whole exercise thing.

Anyway, so about my hair. I went crazy at CVS and they were having a sale on conditioners. I bought these for $2.88 each:

Very excited about these and I love the smell of all of them. I know they have some nappy no-no ingredients, but what the hey. I will just make sure I clarify more often so I won't have any problems with build-up. So far, the only one I've used is the HE None of Your Frizzness and it is THE BOMB! I co-washed right before work, lightly towel-dried and then air dried. My hair felt SO soft ALL day and smelled delicious! So far, this is a keeper, but we shall see about how it does with continuous use. I can't wait to try all of them. I think I'm just going to rotate them. Now, on the Cosmetics Safety Database, these conditioners (I found all except Hydralicious) rate about a 5/10 on the hazard scale, mostly because they all have "fragrance" in them. The rest of the ingredients in the conditioner are rated an average of 3 with the exception of these three long names I can't pronounce. But like I said, I think I will be okay.

Oh yeah, I still need a trim really badly. I think I might call this chick from craig's list and pray that she doesn't jack up my hair.

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