Thursday, December 11, 2008


Amina said anyone who wasn't tagged to consider themselves tagged, so here I go:

where is your cell phone? charging on the nightstand

where is your significant other? being a pain next to me

your hair color? dark brown, but currently chocolate brown

your mother? ummm....a very nice lady?

your father?
new york city

your favorite thing? damn, i don't really know if i have a fave "thing"....ummm i love Trader Joe's

your dream last night? don't remember

your dream/goal? to become fully fluent in spanish become a chiropractor. i was also thinking about a holistic health counselor, but i still need to look into that

the room you're in? my room

your hobby? life's been so hectic lately that i haven't really had time to do anything i like. i love to read horror/suspense novels, i used to crochet (lol i don't know how to do anything except make chains), now my hobby, too, is sleeping :) i gotta catch up from pulling all those all-nighters.

your fear? omg i am deathly afraid of spiders

where do you want to be in 6 years?hopefully i will be finished, or just about finished chiropractic school

where were you last night? in my bed

what you're not?a sucker

one of your wish list items? there's so many but i REALLY want a macbook

where you grew up? new york, colorado, hawaii, and new jersey

the last thing you did? well right now i'm doing this and looking for a job

what are you wearing? tan/brown aeropostale t-shirt and some christmas looking pajama pants i stole from my friend

your tv? venture brothers

your pet? nope, momma don't play that LOL

your computer? i'm on it, duh

your mood? relieved, finals are OVER, now i just have to ship these books back to the rental places

missing someone? all of my friends from jersey

your car? 2004 kia optima

something you're not wearing? earrings

favorite store? in person: trader joes, earth fare, the apple store. online: The African Store (Mr. Okafor has the best prices on shea butter and he ships really fast AND 100% Nigerian owned), Oyin Handmade (some of the best hair products ever)

your summer?it was fun, did a lot of family stuff and clubbing and whatnot

love someone? God, family and friends

your favorite color? pink, silver, and black :)

when is the last time you laughed? well i laugh all the time, so probably a few minutes ago
last time you cried? don't remember, i don't like crying.

are you a b*tch? haha, yes.

favorite past time? relaxing when i have the time

are you a hater or a lover? depends on the situation

are you genuine or fake? pfft, please, i am so real LOL

any vices? ummm well i can be pretty mean sometimes and i am definitely a super-procrastinator...

pro life or wire hanger? damn, why you gotta put it this way. i don't think abortion should be used as birth control, but i am pro-choice

mccain or obama? well who is our president? okay then....

pro plastic or natural? natural please

dream job? i thought you already asked this....

Well, anyone who actually reads my blog as of yet, you are tagged!

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Amina said...

aaw...i enjoyed reading your post :)