Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hair Regimen?

I have come to realize that I really don't have a set hair regimen. I've kinda just been washing my hair when I feel like it and wearing a bonnet/scarf on my head at night. When I wear my hair loose (98% of the time) I usually use a spritz made of water, a few dollops of conditioner, and a few drops of an oil (coconut or jojoba).

My aunt sent me the Carol's Daughter Best Tressed Hair Set in the mail. So far I am LOVING it. The products seem to work well together and keep my hair soft, healthy, and smelling like heaven. For Thanksgiving I washed my hair using the Rosemary Mint shampoo, then used the Hair Milk on squeeze-dried hair. I sealed my hair (focusing more on the ends) with Lisa's Hair Elixir and put a little of the Mimosa Hair Honey on the front of my hair for shine when I did my puff. It probably seems a bit excessive, using all those products, but I was just so excited and wanted to try everything. I didn't use the Black Vanilla Leave-in conditioner that day, probably because I forgot about it, but that's fine. I did use it when I did my twists, though. I did my twists on dry hair and used a couple of sprays of the Leave-in and a bit of the Mimosa Hair Honey, again for shine. It also made my hair really soft. My twists feel like soft yarn or something.

I will probably be sticking with Carol's Daughter until I run out or get sick of it or feel that my hair isn't making any progress.

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Amina said...

aaaw..CD hair products don't work for me but i loove her bath and body products. I don't use them as much as i used to but always make sure to have almond cookie with me..

in regards to hair regimen, i just go with the flow..