Sunday, April 26, 2009

School and Work taking over my life

I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to upkeep this blog and go to school and go to work. I've been super busy with papers and projects, etc. As far as healthiness is concerned, I still have been slacking, but I'm getting better. I'm trying to eat breakfast more often and not sleep so late. I got the P90X and I want to do that really bad because I've heard so many good reviews on it. I've already got my pull-up bar, my dumbbells, and a yoga mat. Now, the only thing I need is a video cord to connect my laptop to the TV because I have the series on the computer. Then I can start, yay! So far my friends who've already been doing it said that it will KILL you and it is VERY intense. But that's okay, I need intensity in my life, especially since I may be joining the military soon. Things aren't quite working out with me with financial aid and school and whatnot, so I've decided that I may join the National Guard (either Air or Army).

Oh, and I STILL need a trim really bad LOL.


Nappturalbeauty said...

I have also considered the military. I complete my Masters in October and right now I am only making 23,096/yr plus housing. Without the room I still wouldn't make more than 25,000. I work for a nonprofit organization.

As far as fitness goes, I just picked up the new prevention magazine. I am trying out there two week plan. You should lose 6-10 lbs in two weeks by walking and strength training.

I am still a happy vegetarian. Life without meat isn't as bad as some people thing and I feel much healthier. Good luck getting in shape!

So said...

I'm trying to stay on the healthy side as well, i am taking aerobics and i just finished up a salsa class. I am currently juicing veggies and some fruits.