Monday, January 12, 2009

Mmmmm juice... I juiced and it was awesome! I made apple/carrot/spinach juice and it was SOOOO good. Whatever I was craving, the juice made it go away. I think I was craving something sweet because my mom made sweet potato cheesecake and I couldn't eat it because I'm trying not to eat dairy.

I tried those steel cut oats for breakfast. They were alright. I put cinnamon, nutmeg and honey in them. I don't think the first two did a damn thing to help the flavor and I'm pretty sure I didn't put enough honey in thre because it really wasn't that sweet. But, I did enjoy the texture very much. It was chewy and nutty, just as others described it. I made enough for tomorrow, but the bf liked it so much that he ate the rest. Oh well, at least it only takes 10 minutes.

In a few hours I have to take the bf to the train station to go back home so I'm probably not going to feel like making anything. I don't wanna just eat nothing so I will probably have a bagel with earth balance and some rice milk.

I also have to go to the eye doctor and hopefully I can get an exam before I have to go to school tomorrow at 12:30. Luckily the campus is only 10 minutes from my house, but I can't go to school if I can't see. If I can't get an exam when I need to, then I guess I will be going there with one contact squinting at the board LOL. It's the first day of class so I hope she doesn't keep us the whole time.

sidenote: Me and the bf tried to make guacamole again and it was a complete disaster! I didn't know yoou weren't supposed to put avocadoes in the fridge and so it was hard and we tried to blend it and it wouldn't work so I put water in it and it tasted like sugar honey ice tea and the taste is still in my mouth, ugh. So we had to trash it.

Anyway, haven't updated about my hair in a hot minute. I washed it today and detangled with my Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle conditioner. The Denman brush is my best friend when it comes to detangling. I use my fingers first, and then I go through my hair with the brush to further detangle and get out all the shed hair. It was the bomb and the conditioner left my scalp tingling. I put my hair into these 4 dookie twists and put a scarf on. I'ma take it down tomorrow and put it in a puff or something. I need a trim REALLY bad. I've dusted my ends a few times, but I want a stylist to do it but I'm scared they're gonna get scissor happy. Maybe when I have some extra money I'll go back to the Aveda salon and let Jennifer trim my ends. I love that place because their hair dyes are 93% natural and are plant-based, which = less damage, yay!

I'm off to "nap" before I have to start my day. *sigh*


LemonJelloYum said...

Hey "MsDiddy " :p

Your blog is pretty nice, Kinky N Healthy huh? I like it. & Asian (Horror) Films- I'm into those too. Lol :D

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ashley (sweetandnatural) said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm glad to see there are other Earth Balance fans out there. I've never baked with Tofutti cream cheese though - you'll have to test it out and let me know how it goes!